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Hall Switches/Sensors/Elements:
 Hall Linear ICs & Elements
 Unipolar Hall Switch ICs
 Bipolar Hall Switch ICs
 Hall Gear Tooth Sensor ICs
Hall Current Sensors/Transducers:
 Closed Loop Sensors (PCB Mounting)
 Closed Loop Sensors (Rectangle Window)
 Closed Loop Sensors (Round Window)
 Open Loop Sensors (PCB Mounting)
 Open Loop Sensors (Rectangle Window)
 Open Loop Sensors (Round Window)
 Digital Hall Current Sensors
Electromagnetic Sensors and Switches:
 Hall Voltage Sensors/Transducers
 Hall Vane Speed Sensors
 Hall Gear Tooth Speed Sensors
 Hall Proximity Switches
 Magnetoresistive Speed Sensors
 Tunneling Magnetoresistive Switches
Current & Voltage Sensors/Transformers:
 DC Current Sensors/Transducers
 AC Current Sensors/Transducers
 Leakage Current Sensors/Transducers
 AC Current Transformers
 DC Voltage Sensors/Transducers
 AC Voltage Sensors/Transducers
Measuring Devices and Instruments:
 Magnetic Measuring Instruments/Devices
 Electric Measuring Instruments/Devices
 New Products of Sensors/Instruments
Permanent Magnets:
 NdFeB Neodymium Magnets
 SmCo Samarium Cobalt Magnets
 Aluminium Nickel Cobalt Magnets
Research and Development Works

ChenYang Technologies GmbH & CO. KG concentrates on research and development of new electromagnetic, electronic and optoelectronic sensors, magnetic Measuring devices and instruments, computer-controlled measuring and test systems, special methods and algorithms of digital signal processing etc. We offer our industrial partners and research institutes complete solutions of instrumentation tasks and customized sensors and measuring systems.

  New Sensors and Transducers
  Magnetics and Measuring Instruments
 Hall Effect Current Sensors
 Digital Hall Effect Current Sensors
 Hall Effect Gear Tooth Sensors
 Hall Effect Position and Angle Sensors
 TMR Current Sensors
 TMR Gear Tooth Sensors
 TMR Position and Angle Sensors
 Magnetic Pole Detectors
 Hall Effect and TMR Probes
 Gaussmeters with data communication
 Fluxmeter with data commnication
 Calibration permanent magnets
 Calibartion Electromagnets
 Zero magnetic field calibrators

  Computer Controlled Measurement Technology
  Digital Signal Processing and Algorithms
 Computer-Controlled Measuring Systems
 Rotational Speed Measuring Methods
 Angle and Position Measuring Methods
 Self-Calibration Measuring Methods
 Error correction of Measuring Systems
 Measurements of Small Current
 Self-Mixed Interferometry etc.
 Digital Signal Processing Methods
 Frequency-selective Adaptive Filtering
 Precise Fourier-analysis of Discrete Signals
 Precise Parameter Determination
 Self-correction Methods and Algorithms
 Sensor Signal Processing
 Self-calibration Algorithms etc.

ChenYang Technologies GmbH & Co. KG cooperates with German and Chinese Universities, research institutes and companies in the research and development works.

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